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Q2 / Q3

Tifosi Q2/Q3 Ear Pads
Black Ear Pads for Q2 and Q3 model sunglasses. Apply with super glue. Sweat, UV rays, cleaners, and other chemicals can cause rubber parts to breakdown over prolonged periods of exposure. Below please find a list of model numbers and style names that this part works with. Your model number should be located on the inside of the left arm on your sunglasses, next to the model name. If you are unable to locate your model number, or you don't see your model in this list, please contact customer service for assistance. T-F205, Q2 - Iron T-F215, Q2 - Gunmetal T-F220, Q2 - Matte Black T-F225, Q2 - Gloss Black T-F230, Q2 - Crystal Neon Green T-F235, Q2 - Crystal Orange T-F240, Q2 - Metallic Silver T-F245, Q2 - Crystal Blue T-F275, Q2 - Dark Crystal Green T-P080, Q2 - Tortoise T-P085, Q2 - Gloss Black T-P105, Q2 - Tortoise T-P115, Q2 - Gloss Black T-P175, Q2 - Crystal with Pink Backspray T-G075, Q3 - Matte Black T-G090, Q3 - Metallic Blue T-G095, Q3 - Metallic Silver T-I075, Q3 - Matte Black T-I080, Q3 - Crystal Orange T-I085, Q3 - Pearl White T-I090, Q3 - Metallic Blue T-I095, Q3 - Metallic Silver T-I125, Q3 - Crystal Green T-IP200, Q3 - Matte Black T-V100, Q3 - Matte Gunmetal T-V110, Q3 - Neon Metallic Green T-V120, Q3 - Matte Silver T-VP240, Q3 - Gloss Black
Tifosi Q2 / Q3 Lens
$14.99 - $69.95
All Tifosi lenses are constructed from scratch-resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate. All Tifosi lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays and are optically decentered to eliminate distortion and prevent magnification
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