Tifosi Roubaix / Ventoux Ear Pads

Tifosi Roubaix / Ventoux Ear Pads
Ear Pads for Ventoux - Black
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Black Ear Pads for Roubaix and Ventoux model sunglasses.

Apply with super glue.

Sweat, UV rays, cleaners, and other chemicals can cause rubber parts to breakdown over prolonged periods of exposure.

Below please find a list of model numbers and style names that this part works with. Your model number should be located on the inside of the left arm on your sunglasses, next to the model name. If you are unable to locate your model number, or you don't see your model in this list, please contact customer service for assistance.

0270100201, Roubaix - Gloss Black
0270100401, Roubaix - Iron
0270102701, Roubaix - Metallic Red
0270200210, Roubaix - Gloss Black
0270200215, Roubaix - Gloss Black
0270200410, Roubaix - Iron
0270301131, Roubaix - Pearl White
T-G880, Roubaix - Gloss Black
T-G885, Roubaix - Metallic Red
T-G890, Roubaix - Matte Tortoise
T-G895, Roubaix - Iron
T-I880, Roubaix - Gloss Black
T-I885, Roubaix - Metallic Red
T-I890, Roubaix - Matte Tortoise
T-I895, Roubaix - Iron
0120100201, Ventoux - Gloss Black
0120100303, Ventoux - Gloss Gunmetal
0120200210, Ventoux - Gloss Black
0120200310, Ventoux - Gloss Gunmetal
0120305234, Ventoux - Gloss Carbon
0120500850, Ventoux - Magnesium
0120600160, Ventoux - Matte Black
T-G550, Ventoux - Gloss Black
T-G560, Ventoux - Gloss Gunmetal
T-G570, Ventoux - Tortoise
T-G580, Ventoux - Gloss Camo
T-I550, Ventoux - Gloss Black
T-I560, Ventoux - Gloss Gunmetal
T-I570, Ventoux - Tortoise
T-I580, Ventoux - Gloss Camo
T-IP300, Ventoux - Gloss Black
T-V500, Ventoux - Laser Silver
T-V510, Ventoux - Iron
T-V520, Ventoux - Gloss Wood
T-VP320, Ventoux - Magnesium
T-VP330, Ventoux - Matte Black

Part Numbers

EAR-VEN EAR19447341X


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