Saris Kool Rack 2-Bike Truck Bed Fork Mounted Rack

Saris Kool Rack 2-Bike Truck Bed Fork Mounted Rack
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Secure your bikes with Saris' Kool Rack 2-Bike. Hydraulic pressure holds the rack in place while valve limits protect your truck bed walls. Its pivoting rubber pads grip most surfaces, including bedliners. No drilling is required. The Kool Rack comes with two fork mounts—additional mounts can be added (sold separately). Besides holding bikes, the Kool Rack can be used to secure cargo from sliding around the pick-up bed.

- Made in USA!
- Carries 2 bikes (up to 4 with additional mounts).
- Additional mounts sold separately (TRK01 One Bike Add-On).
- Raised fork mount fits truck beds from 50" up to 74".
- Ultra-high friction rubber pads grip any surface.
- Fit configured by a hydraulic pump.
- Pressure-limiting valve protects vehicle walls.
- Mounts feature quick-release skewers .
- Tool- and drill-free installation.

Part Numbers

012527001118 TRK00 SAR28410774S