Tifosi is the best name in Cycling Sunglasses, but are optimal for Running, Golf, Tennis, Tactical, Fishing and other Watersports. 

With a huge array of interchangeable lenses designed for all kinds of sports and all kinds of light conditions, new Tifosi Sunglasses will make you smile every time you use them.  You'll love the fit and the price available from Atlanta Trek. Cycling sunglasses are not just to protect your eyes from the physical hazards of the road (although, they do), but high-quality eyewear can also help prevent instances of cataracts, keratitis and other conditions related to UV radiation.

Tifosi Cycling Sunglasses have the distinct advantage of being designed by cyclists for cyclists. Those who want the latest in advanced eyewear for cycling and a host of other outdoor activities choose Tifosi.

Our brand started out in 2003. The mission was simple and challenging - to create a brand that stood for quality, style, function, and value.

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Learn all about owning your new Tifosi Optics Sunglasses. Learn how to easily swap out the lenses, nose pieces, and ear pieces and how to keep them in great shape for years to come.

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A Cycling Sunglasses Buyers Guide


For ideal protection, a rider should attempt to block out about 75% - 90% during days of bright sun, and 35% - 50% of visible light on cloudy days. Try and avoid the urge to go with heavily tinted lenses, or fashionable bright colors, remember these aren't casual sunglasses. They need to work as hard as you do.


You won't be able to find any Tifosi lenses with less than 100% UVA/UVB protection. This type of radiation is from the sun and is somewhat absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, but not all of it. A rider's exposure to U/V radiation increases about 15% for every 3,000 feet in altitude.


Many cycling sunglass grames provide better peripheral vision due to the wrap-around design. Peripheral vision is incredibly important for better maneuvering especially in situations when you might be riding in a group. Frame design is also important because a rider needs to be able to keep the wind out of their eyes, but have enough ventilation to prevent the fogging of the lenses. Try and size the frame so that the lenses will extend above your eyebrow.